‘You Say You Want A Revolution’

I was lucky enough to visit the amazing exhibition on the 60s called ‘You Say You Want A Revolution’ on Wednesday 16th November with my classmates from college. The exhibition was absolutely mindblowing. As we entered the first room we were handed a set of headphones, which proved to be one of the most fantastic parts of the exhibition. Walking in, the Rolling Stones were playing through the headset and it immediately set the tone for the next hour to come, with psychedelic art and posters covering the walls and ceilings. The amount of memorabilia related to the time was incredible, with items such as Mick Jagger’s costumes and glasses worn by John Lennon. One of my personal highlights was being able to see the Campbell soup’s ‘Souper Dress’, adorned with Andy Warhol’s famous Pop Art work, as well as being able to see other beautiful dresses by designers such as Mary Quant.

It was interesting to read about the political issues of the time, such as the Vietnam war and feminism and gay liberation starting to take the forefront on the worlds radar of issues that need to be tackled. The most incredible part of the exhibition for me however, was the giant room that was designed to look like Woodstock in 1969. With fake grass coating the floor and bean bags for visitors to sit on, the festivals highlights were played via a huge projection onto the wall opposite. Watching Jimi Hendrix play ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ was simply something you can’t imagine being able to do in the flesh. To conclude, the exhibition was magical and almost indescribable, as well as an amazing aid to my studies at the college.

Images: V&A Website


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