Macro Trend: Refreshed Primaries

My prediction for a macro trend next summer is ‘Refreshed Primaries’. Through analysing the catwalks that have come in the past few seasons I have been able to deduct that through combining basic primary colours, designers are brightening up their collections but keeping them chic through minimal usage. The first place that I went to try and predict a trend was WGSN, and immediately one of their colour palettes from a past prediction stood out for me, from the ‘Encounter Culture’ trend. As you can see below, the colours are bright yet not neon, they keep their vibrancy without being offensive on the eyes. These are colours that I have noticed in various collections and on people in the street. Adding a pop of colour has always been a sure-fire way to liven up your outfit, but it is usually only for the brave, with most people preferring to stick to monochromatic colour schemes, as shown in my Streets Of Soho piece.


In researching the trend I then went to the Vogue website in order to have a closer look at some specific collections from the past seasons shows. My instinct told me to have a look at Balenciaga, and somehow my trend prediction was reflected in the collection. The collection used blues and reds and yellows in a vibrant way but slightly more muted than you would expect when seeing a red dress paired with blue thigh high boots, yet the vibrancy is still completely there. I then went on to Balmain, expecting Rousteing’s usually muted palette of navy and olive greens, but a few pieces stood out to me, with primary colours being used in their entirety for the outfit, creating almost a palette cleanser for the rest of the collection. Miuccia Prada has always revelled in the use of colour when it comes to Miu Miu’s designs, so when I went to look at her collection I wasn’t surprised to see the liberal usage of a slightly toned down but bright red and blue. refreshed-primaries

Then I wanted to find more proof about the legitimacy of the trend, so I had a look at street style photos from NYFW in September, to see if the style had gone from the catwalk to the streets in that little time, and sure enough, it had. The fashionistas in attendance of the shows often had a block coloured outfit on similar to Balmain, or just a pop of colour, similar to Miu Miu, with yellows and reds proving to be the most popular colour choice.

A couple of my inspirations for this colour trend would definitely have to be the Abstract Expressionist movement. With an incredibly successful exhibition on show at the RA this year, it is no doubt that the movement has provided inspiration for the designers. Artists such as Jackson Pollock and Mondrian revel in the splashes of colour to brighten up their pieces. Other inspirations for me have obviously been primary colours, and various pantone colour palettes that I’ve found around the internet when researching the trend.



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