Gucci’s Wes Anderson-esque dream

Wes Anderson is, no doubt, an inspiration to anyone studying fashion, film, the arts or anything similar. His use of crisp cinematography and colour palette is a talent that I am in awe of. Every scene of his films creates an eye-catching spectacle, akin to that of a perfectly executed oil painting or well positioned fashion editorial. He creates a dream-like scenario within every single one of his films, an alternate universe that is kooky yet completely relatable to people from all walks of life. His inspiration has been used for fashion editorials, articles and collections ever since he first surfaced as one of the most iconic directors of our time.

Personally, Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection reminded me of the fairytale he creates within his film, ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’. Alessandro Michele’s use of pink is similar to many of the scenes within the hotel and the film, and the way each piece in the collection is perfectly pristine, as are the shots within the film. The idea that the collection isn’t just for anybody or for daily life runs alongside the film, they’re both simply not feasible, only for the brave.


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