2017 Trend: Street Wear Power

The power of street wear is always something I’ve been in awe of, spanning from back in the 60s when the girls on the street dictated the designs of Mary Quant to the modern day where skateboarder brands such as Palace and Supreme have ended up on the global fashion scene. Street wear is something that has expanded hugely over the past 5 years, and not only is it displayed on street style images we see on our favourite blogs but also on the catwalks. Brands such as Vetements, Off-White, Gosha Rubchinskiy and HBA have seized hold of the power of social media, with their pieces being worn by many icons of popular culture. Other brands like MISBHV and A Cold Wall have also followed suit, showing that the power lies in the hands of the kids on the street and not just with the Fashion Houses in Paris like it once did.

With the prices of Vetements reaching the same as our favourite designers, it leaves us to wonder, how did they do it? Personally, I find more solace in reaching for a magazine and reading about up and coming young designers than I do to read about yet another collection from a designer That We All Know Already. They’ve managed to create a brand for themselves, an accessibility that isn’t quite reachable for everyone but that includes everyone, pieces that are for the every day as well as incredible works of fashion design, bringing two worlds together right under our noses.


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