2017 Trend: Sock Boots

An emerging trend over the course of 2016 is that of the sock boot. Described by Glamour as a ‘boot du jour’ that’s ‘kind of kinky’, they have trickled down from the catwalk to the feet of women in their every day lives. Made trendy by ‘street-wear’ brands such as Yeezy and Vetements, high street stores such as Topshop have adopted this trend into their collections, proving to be very popular.

Personally, I think this is a style that’s incredibly flattering on the legs, as they hug the ankle and we all know what wonders a good heel can do! Not only are they versatile enough to be worn tucked into trousers, as shown at the Vetements presentation but also with jeans as displayed by Kendall Jenner in her pair of tan Yeezy version, or a skirt as showcased by Topshop on their website. As a loyal trainer lover, I don’t normally wear boots but these are simply too cool to not grab a pair and rock them as often as I can.


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