Street Wear: The Streets of Soho

For a class project we were sent to the streets of Soho to take pictures of people on the sidewalks and the clothes they had obviously so meticulously put together in the mirror that morning. Not only did we find it an incredibly interesting task but also fascinating to analyse peoples reactions to their picture being taken. Some people were very pleased with the fact that we had picked them out the crowd and others were more wary in their approach to our spontaneous photoshoot. This perhaps reflects our generations reaction to photographs being taken, what with surveillance and the power of social media being so prevalent nowadays. As soon as we reassured them of our legitimacy most were more than happy to pose for the photos.

One of the most interesting thing we noticed is the power that a monochromatic colour scheme still has over people. Apart from the one girl who was incredibly brave in her fashion choices – which I love, the rest tended to stick to their black and greys. Obviously this is always an effortlessly chic look, and there’s a reason they chose these clothes, but it leaves me to think if bright colours will really ever have a real holding on day-to-day fashion.


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