2017 Trend: Reconstructed Denim

Blue jeans. A staple in anyone’s wardrobe, be it a 10 year old boy or a 26 year old fashionista. Blue jeans started off as a working class item of clothing, with the famous Levi 501s being created in 1890, and being thrown into popular culture through the cowboy movies in the 1920s and 30s. By the 1960s they were a symbol of American achievement in mass production and well, the rest is history.

This season something I have noticed is the reconstruction of the simple blue jean. No longer is it fashionable to throw on your mums old jeans from the 70s, but to look forward and buy new cutting edge pieces of denim genius. For me personally, I have noticed this most in streetwear brands, as shown in the images below with Off-White and Vetements, being copied swiftly by Topshop’s slightly higher end ‘Boutique’ section. It seems like this is already a trend that is growing as the seasons pass, with the best fashionistas rocking the look on the street already, and I’m sure the look will become ever more popular as these trends usually do.

Image sources: Off-White, Vetements


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